DressTiez ™ is a new protective clothing accessory created by a Father and Son team, that solves a messy problem: damaging clothes from spilled food & beverage. Imagine putting an end to ruining ties, suits, shirts & blouses & looking your best at all times! And DressTiez is stylish & fun to wear!

DressTiez is perfect for men & women on the go because everyone wants to protect their clothing & avoid expensive cleaning bills while looking fresh & clean for their next appointment. When you arrive at an appointment with stained clothes your confidence is stripped away and everything changes.

We have all had an enjoyable meal ruined by an embarrassing food stain right in the center of our clothing for everyone to see. DressTiez provides a stylish, cool solution to this common problem.

DressTiez delivers the ultimate clothing protection that will have you feeling confident and secure even when eating the messiest foods. With its proprietary design, DressTiez protects you from pasta sauce, olive oil, red wine, ketchup, coffee etc.

DressTiez can either blend inconspicuously with your outfit or be that bold fashion statement you've been looking for. Choose the design that fits your personality and style. Go mild or Wild!

DressTiez is highly portable weighing only a little over an ounce. It can be easily stored in your pocket in its own pouch, ready at all times to protect you. Once dirty, simply place DressTiez in the washer/dryer & you’re ready again for Action.

DressTiez comes in 3 Exclusive styles:
-The Classic Series for a conservative look,
-The Designer Series for those who want a bolder trendy design,
-The Limited Series with limited & vintage fabric in small quantities.

Try DressTiez and see what it’s like to be confident & secure while you dine. You may even want to own a few to match your various outfits, or start a collection! They are fun & very effective! Stop worrying about spilling and enjoy your meal for a change!

DressTiez makes an imaginative & unique gift for that important person in your life! They will appreciate your thoughtfulness & creativity!

Don’t ruin your clothes or your day! Protect your clothes with class & style!
Take charge of your appearance with DressTiez!

DressTiez ™ is Designed & Manufactured in the USA

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