Q: What is DressTiez?
A: DressTiez is a hand made, high quality & stylish clothing protector which is worn around the neck to protect one's clothing from damage due to spilled/splashed food & beverage.

Q: Where can DressTiez be worn?
A: DressTiez can be worn in the finest white tablecloth restaurants, casual restaurants & taverns, at home, in the car, etc. - Any place where you want to protect your clothes from food damage.

Q: Is DressTiez easy to use & carry?
A: Yes, DressTiez has been designed to be highly portable. It weighs in only a little over an ounce. You take it out of its pouch, strap it around your neck & return it to its pouch when you’re done. It then fits neatly in your pocket (or purse).

Q: What happens if DressTiez gets soiled during your meal?
A: Simply return DressTiez to its pouch, put it in your pocket(or purse) & machine wash/dry at home.

Q: Who is DressTiez for?
A: DressTiez is designed for busy executives, men & women on the go everywhere. It is perfect for anyone that wants to look their best at all times without worrying about damaging their clothes.

Q: What will DressTiez protect you from?
A: DressTiez has been tested with olive oil, red wine, pasta sauce, melted butter, ketchup etc. These things will not penetrate DressTiez. Your clothes will be protected while you wear DressTiez. You can be confident that your appearance will not be compromised due to food spills.

Q: How is DressTiez cleaned?
A: DressTiez is to be machine washed cold on gentle cycle, tumble dry low, remove promptly. No bleach, ironing or dry cleaning.

Q: Is DressTiez stain resistant?
A: Yes it is stain resistant and will clean up nicely in the washing machine. It is not intended to be stain proof as nothing really is.

Q: Why is DressTiez a unique clothing accessory?
A: Because DressTiez(tm) is the first product of its kind intended to be a stylish & trendy fashion accessory to protect clothing from spills & splashes.

Q: What is the size & weight of DressTiez?
A: DressTiez is highly portable & weighs only a little over an ounce(depending on style). It is 10" wide & 18" long without the straps & 28" long with the straps. When folded it fits neatly in its 4"x6" pouch.

Q: Where is DressTiez(tm) made?
A: DressTiez(tm)is Designed & Handmade in the USA.

Q: Is DressTiez a great gift for that special person?

A: Absolutely