Eat Stain Free with DressTiez

DressTiez is a life saver for nice ties and expensive shirts!
Thank you!
Bruce F, Los Angeles, CA
Finally, a fashionable solution to an age old problem! No longer do I have to lean over my plate with every bite! I can finally eat sitting upright! Thank you DressTiez!
Ron G. , Greenwich, CT
What a great product! To the Makers of DressTiez - I am normally very careful when eating, but I must admit that over the years I have had my share of accidents, staining some shirts and ruining some ties. The other night my wife and I were out to dinner with our good friends, at their favorite seafood restaurant when it happened, a large blob of cocktail sauce landed on what could have been my shirt and tie but it landed on my DressTiez. Thank you DressTiez for designing and creating one of the best, must have items of the century, DressTiez!
Bob P. , Mahopac, NY
DressTiez is so much more stylish at the table than an ugly food stain! A great solution to a potentially messy situation.
Andy M., New York, NY
Perfect for people like me who are always eating on the go. DressTiez has spared my good work clothes from getting soiled on many occasions while eating in the car. A definite keeper for the glove compartment!(And one for your favorite passenger would be great too!!)

Suzu K., Scarsdale, NY
I just wanted to thank you for creating this innovative clothing accessory. It has changed my life! I can now enjoy wonderful meals without worry about soiling my clothing.
I love it! My dry cleaner hates it!

Roger P., Palm Beach, FL
I’ve dropped a lot of things (on DressTiez) so far and nothing has ever soaked through to the other side. It just stays right on the protector. It’s wide enough to cover just about any spillage I could possibly have, and sits high enough for full coverage. It’s machine washable and rolls up and fits right into my purse. It also doesn’t wrinkle, so it looks nice even after being rolled up inside of my purse.

I do really love this thing!

Mary Desjean, San Diego, CA
I received my package shortly after we spoke and am completely satisfied. First off, the packaging was very classy and beautifully done. And the product is well made and stylish. My first use will be within the week as my wife and I are celebrating our 47th anniversary. I will not have to worry about spills anymore. And I have a suspicion that now that I have protection, I will probably never spill a drop on my DressTiez. Isn't that just the way things go? Thank you for a wonderful product and best wishes to you for success with your business. Regards, Lou S
Lou S., New Rochelle, NY
I have two messy boys ages 10 and 12. I usually require them both to wear a large paper napkin tucked in their shirt collars during meals. I heard about DressTiez and decided to have the boys wear these during meals instead. I think I am saving money because the DressTiez are washable and we go through less paper napkins now.
Ryan W.

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